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  •  oversentencing (3+ / 0-)

    Is not 20 years for a crime that merits 2 as unjust (or more so) as 2 years for a crime that merits none? Whatever it means for a crime to merit X years in prison.

    The idea that one should have no sympathy for someone only because that person has been convicted of a crime seems to me to border on immoral; at any rate it is problematic.

    A person does something illegal and goes to jail. Has that person ceased to be a person meriting of respect and decent treatment? Where is there humanity without justice?

    Most folks in prison are just ordinary folks who did something stupid, e.g. get caught with some coke in the car, drive drunk, punch guy in a bar in a fight. It's often something that could be resolved in many ways, perhaps more productively with less time in jail.

    `Don't use coke' would make more sense as a message if the society made some effort to help those who use coke; putting them in prison often doesn't do that.

    Among developed countries (whatever that means) the US is the one with the longest prison sentences, the highest percentage of its adult population in prison, etc... This reflects a generally warped attitude towards the use of prisons rather than a desire to make the society healthier.

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