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View Diary: Misinterpreting Legal Language is the REAL Racism (35 comments)

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    It's a huge problem, the way judges can parse language in ways that disproportionately affect disadvantaged people but never get held accountable for doing it because it's treated as legalistic or technical.
    The uneven prosecution in Jena is really insane-- Mychal Bell wasn't a threat, certainly not an adult threat, and the kind of altercation these kids were having would have never reached the level it did if the school wasn't such a white supremacist environment. But Bell gets prosecuted aggressively over his shoes while a noose, which is something actually used to kill people doesn't constitute a threat against someone's life?
    I just want to suggest that the hanging noose and the prosecution and the judge are all racist-- the Jena 6 were prosecuted because their attempt to fight back was a fight against racism, the kind of fight that the legal system discourages both with its language and by looking the other way.

    •  i agree that it was racist (0+ / 0-)

      the nooses are definitely racist, but the thing i was trying to point out is that people got distracted by the nooses and forgot about the other racism, that of the justice system, which has much more serious consequences.

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