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  •  When I first heard about Pretty Bird Woman House, (4+ / 0-)

    they had issued the last paycheck they had money for, and were something like two weeks away from having to shut down their phone lines.

    I was involved in a small way in the fundraising effort – edited some copy for the ChipIn page, did some publicity.  And it was a great feeling when Kossacks responded so generously. It was my first experience with that kind of blogosphere outpouring of compassion, and it couldn’t have been more deserved.  The women at PBWH have worked so hard, and done so much with so little, to keep this project alive in the midst of poverty and unresponsive "justice" systems. We made it possible for them to keep being present when women are hit by devastating crises because of rape or domestic violence.  We made it possible for them to keep making a difference.

    Then I dropped out of the effort, because I was busy (aren’t we all) – even though I knew that our immediate help was only a start, and could only carry them until fall if a grant or other source of funding wasn’t found.

    So I am really glad to hear from someone who stayed with the effort to help PBWH get further funding. And I’m so delighted to know that they have a three-year grant.  That means that worry about funding isn’t a continual cloud over every day’s work.  They have a little breathing space.  Yea!

    Thanks for the update. I hope we can help once more.

    •  Fiona, wasn't it great! (1+ / 0-)
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      CSI Bentonville

      Really that's how I became a blogger.

      I could use help again keeping this alive. I've been doing this all day for more than 3 days straight and now I have to get back to the dissertation for a while and can't be so intense about this for about 2 weeks.

      Any diaries, help, advice, you can give, I would really appreciate it.

      What happened was that all of those breakins really hurt our ability to communicate with Georgia - first, her computer got stolen, and she was dealing with all of the building issues, and all along women in emergencies, and in court, etc., AND writing grants, all by her self and her 2 staff people. Now they have an office so it will be easier coordinate with them.

      If you have the time, just send the link to the chip in around. It can be the blog or the chip in page.

      here's a better link to the ChipIn page:

      They really need to be able to get that house. Otherwise it's going to be a long haul if this ChipIn just turns out to be enough for matching funds for some building grant (we found out that's what is usually the case).

      Thanks again.

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