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    Thanks a lot.

    That touches to one of my pet peeves with Democrats, namely that Democrats are completely besotted with process. Judicial process this, constitution that, grand principles that other thing.

    The truth is that a constitution is like any other process, only as good as the men and women who run it. What the process can do is to introduce a lot of inertia to smooth out the bumps. But even the best process can run out of steam, as the current situation shows.

    In the end, it's people who matter. There cannot be a fair, rational democracy if fair, rational democrats are not in charge. The real measure of success of the process is in how well it keeps the good guys in and the bad guys down and out.

    It took more than 30 years to go from Nixon to Bush so the Constitution is pretty darn good as processes go. But we still ended up with Bush.

    Time to completely change the cast. Time for a full reset.

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