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  •  The fact that someone is an Ivy-League (0+ / 0-)

    educated physician says nothing whatever about their ability to plead a case in a court of law, much like the fact that someone is an Ivy-League trained lawyer says nothing about their ability to treat pneumonia.

    As for other cases, the fact that lawyers with 30 year experience may know rules, does not change the fact that when one represents oneself, one becomes overly emtionally invested and cannot be counted on to provide sober advice to himself.

    •  It does say a lot about that person's relative (0+ / 0-)

      intelligence; anyone who could get through that is certainly as capable as the average student at, say, Western State.  Having been where you have been and more, and knowing some of the people out there malpracticing law, I know that law isn't rocket science.

    •  As to the merits of the attorney's case (0+ / 0-)

      said attorney is being represented by Geoffrey Fieger's firm before SCOTUS pro bono.  I've read the draft of the cert petition, and say that she had a meritorious claim.

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