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  •  MTR mining is the rape and scrape mentality... (2+ / 0-)
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    writ large. It is a much larger example of the problems I see, even in our backyard. This rape and scrape mentality is a combination of a desire of penis-envy machinery operators and developers to re-shape the land to their liking, and an ideology that devalues non-human (and unworthy human) life.

    I see it every day in the south Wisconsin and Chicago suburbs, where whole parcels are mass graded for residential and commercial projects, destroying soils that took tens of thousands of years to develop and support life since the glaciers. Top soil is stripped to sell, and the end result is a blasted landscape barely capable of supporting life, and where the new land owner has to re-import the life giving soils. High quality wetlands and woodlands are destroyed in the process and replaced with sterile detention basins that are sometimes seeded with native vegetation, but usually turf. The land is so disturbed that it supports little but weeds, and a good deal of the time the developers don't even have to maintain it for 5 years or make it achieve some sort of final result that is acceptable ecologically.

    I work as a wetlands and stormwater management consultant and see the results of rape and scrape every day. It is even threatening the crown jewel of this ecoregion, Geneva Lake, with degradation of water quality.

    FDR gave us the new deal. GWB and GOP gave us the screw deal.

    by NoMoreLies on Sat Oct 27, 2007 at 09:38:10 AM PDT

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