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View Diary: Bush's Appalachian War: Bombing Ancient Mountains (183 comments)

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  •  Linky? (0+ / 0-)

    Sorry, can't find it.  Looked under diaries under your profile back 3 years...I must be going blind...  :-)

    •  still working on these other two (0+ / 0-)

      so not posted yet, no linky. wish i were done, but have to fit in with daily life stuff.:)

      •  Great! (1+ / 0-)

        If it's still under construction, I hope perhaps some of my other posts might help frame some of the discussion.  If you have time, please take a look, if you would be so kind.  

        This is a complex area of law and regulation, and I'm glad someone is attempting a diary on strategy of CWPA.  It would be great in particular to hear about: the history of regulation on this topic and maybe why more direct attempts didn't work; the intended impact of CWPA and any consideration of unintended consequences, etc.


        •  i will take a look at your posts (0+ / 0-)

          my purpose is to show the different ways that bush has worked to provide "immunity" to mining companies in same manner that he is trying to give express immunity to telecoms. So, my diary looks at the fill rule and other actions by him.  it is a complex area, and part of my practice area as environmental lawyer. I am not sure that i will cover all you want because i would also like to post in next couple weeks, but may. maybe i will touch base with you before i post for some more input, if that's ok.

          •  I'd love to talk with you about it. (1+ / 0-)

            I'm sure there's a lot you could teach me about the background and outlook, and I hope I might provide a useful perspective for you, too.  Excellent diary, BTW, and I like the idea of the "immunity" theme too...although the 2002 fill rule modifications predate Mr. 25%...

            As I've said, I've worked in 404 for several years, but out west---MTR isn't an issue I deal with directly.  But I'm very familiar with 404 policy in general and would be happy to talk with you.  Deregulation makes me nervous...especially when folks say it will result in better environmental protection...

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