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  •  Greetings from the Colorado High Country (14+ / 0-)

    It's been quite a while since I have stopped to update the SMHGB gardners. Not by choice! A few weeks ago, my neighbor who I asked to do some maintenance for me at the beginning of summer stops by and says he has some time to get my list done. Well, I didn't hesitate to get him to work before winter sets in. I needed window hardware repairs so my windows would close and open properly. Last winter I couldn't open some windows because the hardware was in need of repair. I had to go outside to get them to close tight and in the middle of winter I didn't want to open them and have to tromp through the snow to get them to close again.  He also did a stain on my critically needed siding, sanded and re-sealed doors, put the shelves back up in the laundry room, fixed the attic ladder. I then ordered rain gutters which will be installed in December. I was waiting for the siding to be stained before the gutter install.

    On top of all of this, I found a good deal on a used hot-tub that had to be transported from 80 miles away in Carbondale. Before it arrived, we cut out some steps from the deck so I now have a hot-tub butting up against the deck and we can step right in. Then I get the tub installed and decide it might be a good time to get patio furniture to replace the temporary indoor wicker chairs that had been on the porch all summer and falling apart from the weather.  I figured the end of summer was a good time to get patio furniture at a discount. Well I am having sticker shock on how expensive a sofa and a couple of chairs for the deck are! I could spend thousands just on a patio furniture! So I have been shopping, and shopping, and shopping for deals. I have almost decided to buy from our local patio store who has some items left from summer. It's still gonna be expensive, but I am a little concerned about the furniture I found on Ebay and other online stores. The local Home Depot is sold out and Costco has nice but high priced items. I am now an educated homeowner on patio furniture. But not over the sticker shock. I am going to sleep on it over the weekend and decide on Monday if I should splurge (even at discount) on the nice Sunbrella fabric cast aluminum pieces from the local store or continue shopping. But even on Ebay, it's not inexpensive for made to last sets.

    I then decided that I will need curtains for the covered portion of the deck to have privacy while hot tubbing (and to keep the snow/wind out). So I ordered a new sewing machine. So my life is planned till the end of the year getting my patio in order. While shopping for a new sewing machine, I read reviews and Brother is high up there so I ordered a new computerized sewing machine that self-threads and has easy bobbin winding. I had to replace my 25 year-old Kenmore that has not done well since I loaned it out many years ago.

    While shopping for sewing machines online, I discovered a little gardners solar item that I would recommend to anyone who is lazy like I am about turning their plants to the sun. It's called Roto Basket. It has little solar panels and rotates  hanging baskets. Linky: Roto Basket at Smart Solar website. It was $15 at QVC. Believe me I have been all over the web shopping for patio furniture and sewing machines! The money I saved buying a used hot-tub is now being spent on patio furniture! More on hot-tubs on another Saturday morning.

    Happy gardening everyone!

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