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    just to get to live knowing that water comes from the earth, a hole in the ground, and sometimes it has to be coaxed and coddled to bring it forth.

    Enjoy your serenity, exlrrp, you probably earned it at great experiential expense.

    don't always believe what you think...

    by claude on Sat Oct 27, 2007 at 08:39:46 AM PDT

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      claude, Ed in Montana, rincewind

      "...Enjoy your serenity,..."

      Guess I fooled you!! To paraphrase the Grateful Dead, Im as serene  as a gambling man can be.
       No actually, I love this place , the best house and property I ever had. 10 acres in the middle of a huge private landholding. (this does get logged now and then but not for another 20 years.)

      I didn't mention the 30--40 mile  view of two of the Three Sisters and Three finger Jack--snowcapped peaks with some kickass skiing! Plus Kayaking, rafting, fishing & hunting right outside my door

      I'm an ol California 'Burbs Boy so this rustic living is new--and great. The last place I lived was right next to a freeway (but sold it for almost twice what I paid for this.)

      Best place i ever lived in and no building department looking over my shoulder. Most of this house was built without a permit so I don't want them back. The deed only has this as 1800 SF but its close to 2600 now. I'm only gonna sell it when I die---won't be worried about it then.

      Think I'll go out on my back porch and fire a little target practice with the ol Model 1911

      Good luck on your house---I bet it'll be really cool when its done

      " You don't need to be an icthyologist to know when a rotten fish stinks." Daniel Ellsberg, from "Secrets"

      by exlrrp on Sat Oct 27, 2007 at 09:16:09 AM PDT

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