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  •  Thanks , Leo (3+ / 0-)
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    rincewind, Spud1, Leo in NJ
    I;ve been watching and the boiler does shut down at the
    160 reading. The temp gauge appears to be reading the
    temp at the hot water outlet at the top exit from the boiler.
    The pressure gauge appears to be working properly and
    doesn't read high. When the boiler and a pump are running
    the gauge reads in the right range and boiler shuts off at
    160. My guess is that the thermostat (at times) has reached
    called for temp and shut down pump, the boiler is the
    process of reaching 160 and continues heating until it
    does. The temp gauge wanders up and then wanders down.
    The high reading is occasional. Thanks again, if I watch it,
    I'm figuring out a little more as I go.
    •  If the safety system is working right (3+ / 0-)
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      rincewind, Spud1, leo joad

      you can sleep at night. It's not surprising or dangerous for there to be some overrun if the fire shuts down at the maximum safe temperature.

      I wonder, though, if the system is working at the maximum efficiency. How old is this system? Is the pump circulating enough water to transfer the needed amount of heat from the furnace to the living space? Are any parts of the house too cold? Does the pump continue to run after the burner shuts off? It should, at least for a few minutes, to make good use of that heat. Better to overheat the living room than the boiler.

      I know more about steam heating than hot water, but I know enough about both to know you can't be too careful or too stingy. LOL!

      •  I'm stingy and economically challenged at (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        rincewind, Leo in NJ
        this moment in history,, lol,, sob.. wah..wah.. so I can't do
        alot right now to make the older heating system more
        efficient. The boiler isn't ancient but it isn't one of the
        newer efficient ones. The controls are something I may be
        able to improve next summer while the system is down.
          There is plenty heat to go around (two story commercial
        building) I am keeping the thermostats down and just
        setting them up at key points in the day to keep the $500
        plus heating bills at bay. We do enjoy a solar gain on sunny
        days with windows on sothern exposure. Hoping this
        northern Minnesota winter is mild so that someday I can
        afford some niceities like a trip to yKos. Take care, I plan
        on checking in here next Sat am. Thanks to claude, too.

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