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  •  I'm stingy and economically challenged at (2+ / 0-)
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    rincewind, Leo in NJ
    this moment in history,, lol,, sob.. wah..wah.. so I can't do
    alot right now to make the older heating system more
    efficient. The boiler isn't ancient but it isn't one of the
    newer efficient ones. The controls are something I may be
    able to improve next summer while the system is down.
      There is plenty heat to go around (two story commercial
    building) I am keeping the thermostats down and just
    setting them up at key points in the day to keep the $500
    plus heating bills at bay. We do enjoy a solar gain on sunny
    days with windows on sothern exposure. Hoping this
    northern Minnesota winter is mild so that someday I can
    afford some niceities like a trip to yKos. Take care, I plan
    on checking in here next Sat am. Thanks to claude, too.

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