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    it's quite appreciated. Actually, my first comment here months ago was asking for pretty much just that in one of pastordan's Sunday "Brothers and Sisters" diaries, only in that case I was focusing on getting people to realize what has been going on. But then there is the question of what happens when people do understand, particularly those raised in the SBC before the initial take-over began and those raised in the recent years of upheaval. Stay and try to wake others or even change the church back or take it to what it should be even beyond reclaiming the lost ground, or find another place and faith community to believe within?

    The only prayers I have issues with are those against someone's well-being (which in my book includes praying for someone to be not who they are and the phenomenon of yelling "I'll pray for you!", particularly when the unspoken next words seem to be "to be struck by lightning", as a way to end an argument).

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