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    of Stilicho (regarding whether he was interested in leading an army against the Eastern  Empire)... I've only done a bit of the old internet research, but what I've read has emphasized that he went out of his way to avoid civil war between the Eastern and Western empires at least once.
    Wikipedia says:

    A chief debate regarding Stilicho is whether his defense of the empire was more out of self-interest than loyalty to Rome or Theodosius. Many historians argue that his chief goal was elevating his son to emperor, perhaps while reuniting the whole empire, but Eucherius never had more than a minor role in the government. Furthermore, Stilicho was too loyal to instigate war with the Eastern Empire, no matter what the reason was. In fact, a later government inquiry into Stilicho's dealings did not find a shred of evidence of any disloyalty.

    While it is true that Stilicho wanted The Eastern Empire to return Illyricum to the Western Roman Empire, he certainly did not want to risk civil war. Stilicho was far too faithful and Roman for that. Illyricum had been given to the East by Emperor Gratian in 379. The province was important as a source of recruitment, and after the devastating religious civil war (Revolt of Arbogast and Eugenius, 392-394) which culminated in the Battle of the Frigidus, it was hard to raise troops. Stilicho knew that he commanded the last field army of Rome.

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