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View Diary: Have the Bush years taken a toll on your relationships? (138 comments)

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  •  anger, grief and acceptance (16+ / 0-)

    For several years I turned down invitations from a dear friend because I was afraid I would lose control and call her and her family fools and worse. The are very nice people who come from narrow backgrounds and are lifelong repugs and listen only to fox news and are on limited incomes (husb on social security disability), children having trouble finding jobs that pay a living wage.  Their fears drive them to hate blacks and immigrants and anyone else that comes along.  They think they are the good guys and are filled with hatred and fear.

    This past year I visited them and found that they had lost faith in Bush, but continued to fear every group different from them... and detest the Dems because they "don't support the troops".  I was able to tolerate the visit because at this point my love of America is in the 5th stage of death and dying.  I passed denial on 911, anger after Katrina, was in bargaining until the mid term elections (please God, just let the Dems take the congress and I will stop hating).  After I saw that that didn't work either I went into grief.  I have been mourning for my lost country for a year now.  Recently I think I started to move into acceptance.  

    Less grief, but not sure where acceptance will take me.  Maturity is a hard row to hoe.

    •  Well I Know This Won't Help (7+ / 0-)

      but I try really hard to take a more positive view of things. I wasn't alive at the time, but I am thinking if there were blogs when Nixon was in office many of the things we're saying now would be just as true if you just changed Bush to Nixon. I hope, or I should say believe things will get better. There is a large part of me that thinks it would be hard for things to get worse .... but if there is a way I am pretty sure Bush will find it.

      "It is not enough to win, all others must lose," Sun Tzu.

      by webranding on Sun Oct 28, 2007 at 10:26:58 PM PDT

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      •  I was alive and republicans were different from (3+ / 0-)

        the repubs we have now.  I did not hate republicans, I disagreed with them more than I agreed.  With Nixon they dispised what he did as much as I did.  I do not think they knew what Cheney thought then or would have agreed with it.

        Rove was not known and if his character had been know it would not have been given a free pass.  That is what the Bushes did:  gave cover to what was rogue and underground.  Bush was CIA and all its implications.

      •  No, it's different. Nixon was Nixon--we've got a (1+ / 0-)
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        morass now.  Of course, we've still got Kissinger lurking somewhere!

        It seemed fairly easy to isolate what Nixon did from the rest of the government; I'm not positive that it was realistic, but there wasn't obvious rot all through the Republican party and all branches of the executive--just, mostly, Nixon.

        She didn't know it couldn't be done, so she went ahead and did it.

        by Boadicaea on Sun Oct 28, 2007 at 11:42:23 PM PDT

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    •  Bush in power has a mixed effect.... (1+ / 0-)
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      He is really easy to hate, from the first debates where he announced his favorite polititical philosopher is "Jesus Christ, because he changed my life."

      I knew I was in trouble, and the country too.  And then 9-11, when he was handed authority by the Democrats, with someone central to the party announcing, "President Bush is my Commander in Chief now."

      I actually fear when the Democrats take over, especially if it is full landslide with a President with a veto proof majority.  Many of our policies are not thought out, such as the half baked versions of universal health care, fixing the foreclosure problem, and others.

      Our side has learned from Karl Rove that partisanship is everything, so it sometimes seems. Now, I can have full blown antipathy against the Bush administration. No need to be disingenuous, and this allows me to be free to criticize the Democrats, because we are not in power.

      It will be much harder when we start to screw up, which we will, as we always have.  

      Here's my review of "Rendition" a film that you must see.

      by arodb on Sun Oct 28, 2007 at 10:33:14 PM PDT

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