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    But while the story of the sorry state of the cleanup is one that may need to be told, a far more intersting one is when, while climbing over a particularly rocky beach to secure a boom-line I found and picked up a LIVE WWII era white phosphorous munition.

    The safety officers had to clear and cordon off the beach and I was told I was lucky the thing didn't go off while I was wrenching it out from where it was wedged.  Scratch one future Kossack.

    I was only out there for about 3-1/2 weeks, but I've got a lot of memories from that.  If I actually thought there was an interest (and had even a smidgeon of writing ability) I would consider writing a book about it.  But I was just a peon and wasn't tuned into any of the really interesting stuff.

    /International treaties? We don't abide by no stinkin' international treaties./

    by sigmarthebad on Tue Oct 30, 2007 at 01:52:10 PM PDT

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