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View Diary: Once again, nobody for Attorney General. (180 comments)

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    if they confirm this guy they are selling us down the river.It`s replacing a scumbag with a smarter scumbag.We`re screwed worse this way because this one seems to be better at evading than the last one.What the hell sense does that make?
    The problem as I see it is that many Senators( on both sides) don`t really give a damn about the Constitution.One case in point:Mitch McConnell`s support for defense bill contractor that is under investigation for bribing gov officials.The British company is BWE,and it has donated big bucks to his campaign.This story was up on TPM this am,but I can`t find it now,but this kind of criminal shit happens often in both the House and Senate.Another part of this is that they either don`t know,or behave like they don`t know the laws of the Constitution.

    Democracy is not dead;it merely smells funny

    by sully18 on Mon Oct 29, 2007 at 01:35:25 PM PDT

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