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  •  If you have no borders do you have a country? (0+ / 0-)

    Sorry but framing immigration as a keeping "brown people" out issue (which may be true for a few) imo misses the boat by a mile. Working people also understand the downward pressure illegal labor and outsourcing to low wage countries has on their wages and untimately standard of living.

    Would also love to know how many linking Hilliary to healthcare did so in a positive manner? I mean Booth is linked to Lincoln. My take, Hilliary had her shot at healthcare and failed ..... period.

    So I now see candidate Hilliary as being better at managing Bush policy than W and really smart in all areas apparently except knowing her husband (love is blind but it does not have to be deaf, dumb, and stupid). Do Democrats seriously think the Republicans will not find a "smarter" candidate than W? Do they have anyone who is not smarter than W? Issues like immigration will play a part in this election and my guess is that an anti-immigration posture will pull votes for the Republican ticket.

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