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View Diary: A Glimmer of Hope; fees increase on H-1B guest worker Visas (203 comments)

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  •  One step forward, two steps back (10+ / 0-)

    If, as we are now being told will happen with gravitic inevitability, we have a President Hillary Rodham Clinton inaugurated come January of 2009, expect for those dreadfully burdensome H1-B fees to drop right back down to a level that is more convenient for our corporate masters.

    Hillary's actions have made it very clear where she stands with regard to outsourcing and H1-B issuance, and that is shoulder to shoulder with America's downtrodden and beleaguered CEO class. Poor souls, with all of these new fees, some of those corporate executives might have to do things like deferring the purchase of the very latest model of Gulfstream jet! An absolutely intolerable state of affairs, I am sure we can all agree.


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