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  •  Thanks again Dr. H. for this (and other) (5+ / 0-)

    diaries.  Its important to remember that whether our enemies are obvious nutjobs or those stealthily changing states rules, regulations and laws- their common bond is magical thinking; they just have different approaches and methods of 'changing the world' to be more like they magically think it should be.  But when they or their loved one is faced with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, we know how fast they beat it to the nearest abortion provider because 'our case is different' and 'we're not like those other people'-- magical enough for you?
    I'm afraid you're right, its only a matter of time.  As one who has buried 3 docs who performed abortions, I know it can and probably will happen again; anytime, anywhere.
    If someone wants us dead enough to give up their own life, they will stop at nothing.
    So, we hold our heads up and go on, stand up and speak out- every opportunity we get.  And live our lives to the fullest the way we choose- to do anything less rewards the threat- and thats how terrorism works.  
    For anyone who's really interested in combatting the state by state assault, familiarize yourself with FOCA, help us get is passed in congress and signed into law by our next president and enforced, even if it means removing a federal judge or two from the bench if they refuse to enforce it.  This is something you can do to reverse the trend of states restricting access to safe abortion care.  Incidentally, FOCA is Freedom of Choice Act and is federal.  NOW, NARAL, Planned Parenthood and many others (including us) support it.      Thanks

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