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  •  A bit late, but I did not recieve (0+ / 0-)
    until this morning. From a firefighters mother:
        As the mother of a young wildland firefighter (he is 19 and at the California fires as I write) and a wife of a veteran wildland firefighter (he has been a USFS smokejumper for over twenty years) I am writing today to ask the leaders of our nation to please move forward providing on clean fuels for our country.  It is obvious to the vast majority of scientists, as well as all firefighters that we are experience bigger, badder fires than ever before.  
         There seems to be little doubt that the cause of our weird weather patterns are a result of the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.  Fortunately there is something that we humans can do decrease the amount of carbon being released.  As an individual, I drive a Prius and keep my thermostat at 60 in the winter and do not air-condition my house or work place.  As a teacher, I teach my students to recycle and about many other things they can do to protect our environment.  As our nation's leaders it is up to you to write and pass laws that will reduce the amount of fossil fuels that this country burns.  You need to increase the cafe standards and ban the building of any new coal fire power plants.  And invest our tax dollars alternative energy sources.
        Dominion Power is trying to build a power plant in the county where I live.   Not only is Dominion Power doing nothing to sequester the amount of CO2 that will be released from the plant, they also were instrumental in writing legislation that requires the plant to burn only Virginia coal.  I live in a coal county and the coal companies are striping trees and all life of our ancient mountains.  The Appalachian mountains are the oldest mountains in the world and the southern Appalachian mountains are one of the most biologically diverse areas in the United States.  This planet is all interconnected and it needs your help, we need your help.  What you can do in congress can effect the lives of so many people, from those experiencing drought in Africa to Atlanta to California.  Please work together to protect all life on the Earth.  You need to take lead NOW.
    Sincerely, Diana Withen


    Virginia Wilderness Bill passes House! Thanks for the help, kossacks!

    by emmasnacker on Thu Nov 01, 2007 at 09:24:07 AM PDT

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