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  •  not a Wyomingite... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...I'm a socially responsible librarian! Mudflap girl caused quite a stir on library blogs and mailing lists.

    Here librarians have been trying to ditch the hair-in-a-bun, glasses-on-a-string, cardigan-wearing stereotype for years, and along comes a campaign like this and many (by no means all) throw up their hands in horror! Jeez, get a sense of humor, folks!

    •  yes, isn't it great! (0+ / 0-)

      I think anything that so upsets the SRRT has to be a good thing!

      I just retired from the WyState Library, where got to see this campaign developing.   I love mudflap girl from the beginning, but it wasn't clear that they would be able to go ahead with it.  There's an equally outrageous/funny one they can't get permission for (it uses of a copyrighted figure I can't name but starts with the letter C)

      As you say, it's about killing stereotypes and in this case also about attracting potential new users.  The campaign was sent to a lot of auto repair/supply stores to promote the Chilton manuals and has been a big hit.

      Did you know there's a cafepress store where you can buy your very own bumperstickers etc?

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