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  •  Yes, I'm suggesting that. (0+ / 0-)
    If we withdraw combat troops, we should withdraw the diplomatic presence.

    Unless the situation has improved to the point where we can safely maintain the embassy without a significant military presence.

    Right now the embassy is unsafe while serving as a military base, with air support and thousands of troops.

    If we maintain that kind of presence, then we need to maintain supply lines and we aren't withdrawing our troops, just reducing.

    If we don't, we'll lose the embassy.

    What kind of military presence do you suggest to protect the embassy?

    In my opinion, "what it takes to maintain a presence" is a full-scale military operation. We could probably give up any mission other than force protection and drop down to 50,000 or so. Is that justified to keep an embassy open while Iraq goes into full scale civil war?

    "Key foreign sponsor" Yeah, that kind of sums it up. The Iraqi government holds power, such as it has, because American troops support it. When they leave, it will fall. Or purge itself to be completely controlled by one faction or another.

    The difference between Iraq and Vietnam, is that Vietnam had split and the South was being invaded by the North. Our puppets had control in the South and Saigon was relatively secure until the Northern Army reached it. No such thing in Iraq. As the ethnic cleansing proceeds, it may become more of an open regional war, but so far it's been much more chaotic. Baghdad is far more dangerous than Saigon was, until it fell. Was the Saigon embassy under constant rocket attack for years before we evacuated?

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