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  •  my step father bombed germany and ended up with (9+ / 0-)

    PTSD from it, he also did what he was told to do, but he had a concious, the bombing of the civilian towns bothered him  he knew they weren't all falling on military targets

    each man processes the choices he is forced to make in war differently  some can easily explain away the choices and some spend the rest of their life suffering for them

    who's the  better man I have been to war twice and I still can't tell you  you do what you have to do

    •  should everyone have to suffer? (2+ / 0-)
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      Catte Nappe, MouseOfSuburbia

      the first day of Desert Storm, the unit I was with bombed Baghdad.  That night, I saw the munitions people bringing cluster bombs to the flightline, and I realized that we were bombing people, not much reason to use cluster bombs otherwise.  Actually, the other use for cluster bombs is to distribute mines, which is obviously a rather nasty business.  But every morning when our jets launched, I just thought of those Iraqis out in the desert, in foxholes, and how a lot of them weren't going home.  I doubt there were many people affected the same way, but I wonder about the pilots.

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