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  •  A two-fer: More fear-mongering plus (4+ / 0-)
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    seeker, kfred, sherlyle, blue vertigo

    a possible vision of the future.

    First, in my morning diary, I posted about the curious pipe bomb intercepted at the nation's largest nuclear plant, and figure it's more likely to be more fear-mongering.

    There's a longer analysis of the same over on ePluribus Media, too, with additional refs.

    Second, a piece I couldn't post here 'cuz I'd used my daily diary is my musing on the use and meaning of the word conviction, and how we may see it applied in the future. It's posted over on ePluribus Media, and has a video clip and excerpt from the transcript of "Judgement at Nuremberg" as well as a pic I compiled of works by Dood Abides pertaining to the arrest of the Bush cabal. :)  Enjoy, and remember to praise the Dood abundantly, as well as visit his site occassionally (or even frequently).

    Please check 'em out. And thanks.

    Never, never brave me, nor my fury tempt:
      Downy wings, but wroth they beat;
    Tempest even in reason's seat.

    by GreyHawk on Sat Nov 03, 2007 at 11:17:05 AM PDT

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