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  •  I almost did my dissertation on gifted and (19+ / 0-)

    talented kids.

    I am very interested in them, particularly the profoundly gifted in cognitive areas.

    There are some children (not many) who are so profoundly gifted that to teach them in the mainstream is a form of torture.  

    The current G and T programs mostly do not serve these students particularly well, and for most of the G and T, I think the ideal solution is to improve the general education, together with a few separate classes for kids with gifts in particular areas.  Kids could learn, e.g. math, with different kids than they learn most other subjects with.

    But for the profoundly gifted, special methods are needed.  These are kids who get 99%tile on SATs when they are pre-teens.  Or one kid I read about who, at age 12, taught himself Hebrew because he thought it would make his mom happy (it did). Or a kid who, in preschool, having already learned to read, taught herself to read upsidedown so she could help the teacher by reading to the kids and have the book face them.  That sort of kid.  

    These kids have no peers....or so few as can't matter.  These are the kids who are 1 in 100,000 --- there may be two of them of a given age in a large city -- and all are very different from each other.

    •  I don't know about the ratio (15+ / 0-)

      but I seem to get one or two such kids almost every year among my 10th grade AP gov students.  Of course, these are the best among the best of our Science and Tech students who get in by competitive exam.  I would say I might be talking about the top 0.05-0.11% of the students in our district, or around one in 10-20,000.  

      It becomes very interesting having a student like that in your class, to say the least.  The only "advantage" I have over such kids is that I am over 60, and lived long enough to have accumulated more information than they have yet had a chance to process.

      I did not teach our most outstanding student in last year's senior class - he won the top prize at Intel Science fair, but I taught 3 other students in that class who one some kind of prize there.  And in this senior's class I have a kid whose SAT scors total to just under 2400, who has had 5s on something like 8 APs through the end of his junior year.  He is one of at least 3 such students among this year
      s seniors who are in or on the edge of the category of profoundly gifted.  Having the chance to experience such kids is both a delight and a challenge.

      Those who can, do. Those who can do more, TEACH! If impeachment is off the table, so is democracy

      by teacherken on Sat Nov 03, 2007 at 09:25:47 AM PDT

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