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  •  Question about IQ tests... (1+ / 0-)
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    To what extent do others believe that IQ tests, done in isolation, are truly predictive?

    I wonder because recently, I did a little experiment. I did two IQ tests on line just for kicks. I realize they do not necessarily mimic an actual test, but they were similar in length and structure with different questions. I decided to approach one by just using gut instinct and picked an answer that seemed right. On another, I tried to use logic and reason to determine the answer. I got a similar score on both. Neither of them led me to be able to claim I was an undiscovered genius.

    •  It's not really my area of expertise. (1+ / 0-)
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      I know just enough to probably make a fool of myself...which is to say, not enough.

      I'd rather plf515 respond than me. ;->

    •  Predictive of what? (3+ / 0-)

      There is a correlation between IQ tests and a variety of outcomes - none of the correlations are all that strong, but, with human beings, very few correlations are strong.

      e.g. IQ correlates somewhat with grades, income as an adult, SES, and so on.  Unfortunately, IQ tests also correlate with PARENT'S income.  (Although the correlation with that on some IQ tests is pretty low - e.g. Raven's Progressive Matrices)

      OTOH, you're one person.  These are all correlations.  There are plenty of people with moderate IQs who succeed in school, work, and so on.  And plenty of people with high IQs who do not.

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