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View Diary: John Edwards will stand up for the Constitution! (380 comments)

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  •  small correction (4+ / 0-)
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    annefrank, el cid, Predictor, wmacdona66

     actually Tom was in Paris - serving as the fledgling government of the US (then operatiing under the Articles of Confederation) ambassador to the Royal Court and while his spirit and influence (and copious letters to his frined James Madison were influential - he did not actually attend the Constitutional Convention.

     Still - your point is well taken - had James seen the looming threat of the then fragmented Iraqi landscape - he would have simply pushed through a document declaring that henceforth America was to be ruled by a king - and that that King must come from a Dynasty -

    •  Didn't they offer a kingship to George Washington (4+ / 0-)
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      annefrank, el cid, Boxer7, Predictor

      and he, true patriot that he was, turned it down?   My how things have changed!
      Excellent diary, by the way.  I had never heard of this Constitution in Exile group - forewarned is forearmed.

    •  Jefferson could have seen it happen in FRANCE! (2+ / 0-)
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      annefrank, Boxer7

      And immediately he would have sent message back to trash the whole Republican project and just go back to monarchy!

      •  I can't resist (2+ / 0-)
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        word is bond, Predictor

           One of the threads of history that fascinates me is grappling with the question of why was the American Revolution successful is giving birth to a democracy/Republic that has survived return to tyranny for over 2 centuries - yet the French and Russian revolutions did not.

        My short answer is that Madison (and his fellow delegates) encapsulated and passed on a deep respect for courts and lawyers and laws - not just the idea of majority rule - or bicameral legislatures - or an independent executive branch.

         This, of course, is why Republican "lawyers" - an ever more poignant oxymoron - are such a threat to America - because they fundamentally hate themselves,  thinking they are frivolous money grubbers - because they don't understand - and don't wish to understand the importance of trial lawyers - so they must tear down a cornerstone of America.  

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