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  •  Indeed (0+ / 0-)

    Mary, we totally agree about 2004.  I supported Edwards for the nomination.  I was shouting it from everywhere I could that he was the one who would beat Bush.  I even got over life-long shyness enough to get on talk radio a bunch of times to warn about the Kerry trap.  

    I've tried to explain the quirk of the caucuses that created the story on caucus night that Kerry won because people thought him the most electable.  After that, I think it got echoed because of his military service.  It was cowardly of Democrats but they wanted to hide behind his medals, thinking that the GOP was just so respectful of soldiers that they couldn't beat him.  Wow.  

    I think Edwards would probably win in 2008 if he got the nomination.  Hillary is the only one of the top three who I think would almost definitely lose.  That's why you and I frustrate each other.  Something's gotta give if we're going to stop her and get the GOP out of the White House.

    Being in Iowa, we political junkies are totally spoiled during the nomination process.  We listen first-hand to the actual candidates here and even meet some of them.  During this season, I don't have to rely on the media to get to know the campaigns.  No one is 'defining' them for me because I'm standing in the same room with them and watch them come up with answers to questions they sometimes don't expect.

    What I've come up with is that Hillary is much worse of a choice than I would've guessed a year ago.  Much worse.  Edwards is a good, somewhat maleable, populist candidate.  And Obama is actually something pretty special.  I don't think a lot of people have grasped what he actually represents yet.  Opponents try to use that open ground to 'define' him to people who don't know him yet.  But to someone who knows him, those descriptions are almost beyond a response because they aren't even in the ballpark.  It would be like you trying to address someone who calls Edwards a communist or something.  It's just too far away from reality.  

    •  I'm in NH; so I'm not exactly out of the process (1+ / 0-)
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      myself and I think Obama is hype. Hillary is probably worse; but my instincts, along with votes, missed votes, constant "I was against the war" crap, longwinded statements with no action whatsoever to back them up, vallidations of republican frames, being stupid enough not to say the pledge of allegiance at a public place allowing a photo to say everything the repubs will DEFINATELY use and will work in the general and the inability stand up for anything has me unable to vote for Obama. In fact I resent the media hype that put both he and Hillary where they are unjustly.

    •  and don't forget the fact that he didn't stand (1+ / 0-)
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      up against that preacher he had campaigning with him who believes homosexuals can and should be "cured". I mean come on, what's he gotta do before you treat him the way you would Edwards under the same circumstances? Shoot someone?

      •  I've treated Edwards some way? (1+ / 0-)
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        Mostly what I've said about Edwards is that he is a good populist candidate who I supported very strongly for the nomination in 2004.  And all you are doing is proving a weirdly passionate bias against Obama that relates almost not at all to the actual candidate.  Stand up to that preacher?  You mean that gospel singer who sang along with many others at an Obama event?  The one who when he was told about his views Obama came out with a public statement very forcefully refuting those views?  That was a dirty little whisper campaign to try to define him poorly for the gay community that would have made Rove proud.  So perceptive of you to latch onto it.  

        •  I disagree (1+ / 0-)
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          He knew who that gospel singer was and what he was about. The free pass he gets is more than just a little annoying... same with Hillary; but Hillary is the only issue here. You'll see in your caucus.

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