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View Diary: THE HILL: Dems Face Revolt Over Free Trade In Advance of Vote (266 comments)

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  •  I'd really like to know, too (7+ / 0-)

    This doesn't sound right at all.  What could possibly be going on there?

    •  He's always been a Neoliberal (5+ / 0-)

      We may agree with him on a host of other things, but he's always been a "free" trade, WTO IMF fan.

      •  That's why he looks so DLCish, to me. Hell, to (0+ / 0-)

        them, even!  When he became a Senator, they added him to the DLC rolls.  He had to request to be removed from them.  Guess he didn't want to telegraph his intentions too soon!

        I'll give Obama the benefit of the doubt and posit that he really does not understand very well the ranifications of what he is doing on this.  He went to Harvard Law, not exactly a bastion of disadvantaged people!!  

        To be fair however, his upbringing is rather middle class and diverse, but not privileged.  I do believe it is in him to take a better, more classic liberal Dem (pro-union, middle class, regulated/tariffed trade) outlook but he needs some real education and/or experience to do so since looking back in history seems to not be an option!  He could really go DLC like and seems to be leaning economic conservative/neo-liberal at this time.

        You don't negotiate with fascists, you defeat them in the name of democracy. --Ambr. Joe Wilson

        by FightTheFuture on Tue Nov 06, 2007 at 10:04:36 AM PST

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