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View Diary: THE HILL: Dems Face Revolt Over Free Trade In Advance of Vote (266 comments)

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    The backlash against neoliberal economics is in full swing in Latin America.  Two major economic blocs dedicated to independent economic policy have emerged, the Mercosur bloc (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay) and the ALBA bloc (Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia).  The appeal of these independent economic and financial initiatives is growing rapidly, as projects like "the Bank of the South" put meat on the bones of these blocs.  This is why we are seeing the rush to implement "free trade" deals with Panama, Peru and Colombia, as those are the largest economies in Latin America that haven't entered into one of the anti-neoliberal economic alliances.

    So yes, in that respect this is at least as much about foreign policy as it is about trade policy.  Where you are dead wrong, and that should be obvious on the face of it, is in this:  "to provide an alternative vision for how indigenous peoples or other workers in South America might find themselves in a more prosperous country with better opportunities".  As if Bushco, corporate America and international neoliberalism cold give two shits about prosperity for indigenous people and other working class Latin Americans.  Where is the example of the giant economic interests ever havbing seen the poor of Latin America as anything other than a vast reasource to be exploited and sucked dry?  Show me an example of Bushco actually giving a shit about indigenous peoples and other workers.  Even to write it is to ROFL.

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      I didn't say that Bush & Co. care about some mestizo in Peru. I was talking about how this would be presented there, as an alternative to what Chavez is pushing.

      As for Mercosur, it's odd to here you describe that as an antineoliberal alliance. I think Mercosur's history is very much out of the neoliberal thinking, just within the South American context, to put them on a more equal footing with the U.S.

      Coming Soon -- to an Internet connection near you:

      by FischFry on Tue Nov 06, 2007 at 09:37:04 AM PST

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