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View Diary: THE HILL: Dems Face Revolt Over Free Trade In Advance of Vote (266 comments)

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  •  It isn't really "free trade" (0+ / 0-)

    The problem with what you spout is the system of "free trade" in the United States isn't actually "free."  If it were free, it wouldn't require 1400 pages to determine what can and can't be traded without tariffs.  It also wouldn't set what governments can and can't do within their country.  Free trade has severely tied the hands of the Mexican governments (local and national) and the people and kept them from having any legal recourse when a corporation does something that would be illegal in the United States.  

    I guess I could use this analogy as well...the people who pay for "free trade" are the ones who lose their jobs, and that is both the US and the country "free trade" is imposed on.  Our jobs are sent to another country (that is our payment) small farmers and businesses in the other country lose out because they can't compete with the lower costs that large businesses are capable of charging (their costs).  The we get more xenophobia because it forces people to migrate to find more work, some coming to the United States...everyone who doesn't matter loses in "free trade."


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