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View Diary: UPDATE I: 5 Questions for Clinton; New Edwards Ad in NH! (137 comments)

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    "Words" is not a complaint; it's a description.
    The rest is an explanation of the description.

    Edwards certainly isn't perfect -- and I'm certain he and most of his supporters would agree, so you can toss that red herring back in the water.

    But kindergarten retorts like:

    Guess he wants to be a centrist in Iowa, where he's trying to gain ground, to match the Iowa voter.

    Nothing wrong with that until Black Pot whines about Black Kettle.  Touche.

    ... don't really do anything to change the fact that a lot of people, including a good chunk of Clinton's own party, don't trust her or her campaign.  

    Part of the problem is her unwillingness, inability, disinterest in legitimate concerns about the way business is done in Washington.  The difficulty her supporters have even understanding the substantive issues raised by her critics about how dysfunctional aspects of our political culture undermine efforts to achieve important policy objectives is telling.

    The message you get is "you go girl."  
    The message to those not already on board is "you're still invisible -- to us."

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