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  •  Schumer is Solidly Center-Right, not Progressive (1+ / 0-)
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    ....and his claim that he voted for Mukasey because issues other than torture trump the torture issue is not remotely credible.

    Schumer voted for the AUMF and he voted for Kyl-Lieberman. The claim that he is a meaningful opponent of this war is similarly lacking in credibility. Any claim to the contrary is tendentious cherry-picking and insubstantial hype.

    His vote for torture is of a piece with his support for the AUMF, his support for Kyl-Lieberman, his support for extrajudicial assassination, his vote for the Patriot Act, his support for the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and his support for the Israeli use of cluster bombs against civilian populations.

    You're right that there's a bigger picture at stake, but wrong about it being a matter of a single vote.

    Schumer stands in the same relation to the worst elements of the Likud and Kadima and their sympathizers among American voters as Trent Lott stands in relation to the worst elements of Mississippi's Concerned Citizens Council and the Klan and their sympathizers among American voters.

    That's the big picture, and it's a shameful spectacle to see decent people turning backflips to maintain their denial.

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