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    Pat Robertson supports Giuliani because he know Giuliani is batshit crazy enough to start World War III, and fulfill Book of Revelations End Time Prophesy.

    I've been around enough of these Fundy Christians to understand this.

    Giuliani has a history of using his political power for personal vendetta, showing extreme reactionary responses to minor crises, stomping on the rights of individuals, ridiculing and dismissing the opinions of allies as well as opponents, and pushing and often exceding the limits of his Constitutional powers.

    Pat Robertson knows that Giuliani considers 9/11 a personal attack on HIM, so he will, if elected, go to every extreme necessary to fulfill his vendetta.  Diplomacy? Not a chance.  So Robertson is counting on him to take the Middle East, pour gasoline on it, and thow in a book of lit matches.

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