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  •  Hey, why didn't AQ think of that (none)
    Yes, I noticed the creds didn't have a photo attached. Millions for ninja suited cops, all kinds of security checks outside and the ONE, BASIC  security check isn't done.

    The inconvience they caused to hundred of thousands of Bostonians nearly shut down the city. But an AQ sleeper with risin or another chemical and no creds could walk in with a friend.

    You can't drive from Columbia Rd into the city because of the convention, a five minute drive. Yet, creds are being switched like trade show press passes. Great.

    That is, what I would suggest, unreal. Unfucking real.

    •  security (none)
      Credentials aside, the security is very tight- no one would be able to sneak anything deadly in, they have dogs, metal detectors, x-ray machines, and hand checks of all equipment at the entrances- turn on all cameras and laptops to make sure they're real, etc.  A sleeper might be able to get in, but he couldn't do anything except maybe punch someone.  The more likely scenario due to the lack of ID checks is that some of the protesters will get creds and disrupt the proceedings.
      •  Not if you plan (none)
        I won't go into the details, but believe me, not tying people to creds is a security gap. Sure, they check stuff, but Richard Reid wore a shoe bomb. With enough time and planning, anyone can do anything. It's basic security to have photo based id's

        And a disrupted convention is a security failure.

        But believe me, if people can smuggle heroin, they could do the same in any building. At least with a photo ID, you know the people vetted are vetted. And  also, why are people walking around without creds, period? Why aren't people forced to have creds in the building? You can't walk around a trade show without a pass.

        •  we do the same thing (none)
          when we work at convention centers (i work for an ad agency) getting ready for a trade show. can't get in without creds, you throw anyone's on when you have to go outside. when we need another person in, we have once credentialled guy stay in and the other one goes out with two passes.
          then you get a little neck-hanger deal and leave it hanging out of your pocket, like you put the ID in your pocket. worked for two days at this year's CES in Vegas. I was chatting with security guards while I took a smoke break.

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