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View Diary: Conflicted Opinions about the Writer’s Strike (33 comments)

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  •  What crap (21+ / 0-)

    We’re scratching out a living freelancing just to be able to do what we love: write. We have no steady income. We have no benefits. And we get no royalties for the TV commercials we write for local car deale

    Perhaps this is because you have no union.

    So, please keep walking around with your picket signs because maybe if you do it long enough and Hollywood gets desperate enough, some of us might get a chance to take over the job that you find so unfair

    And if the WGA union fails, you would take up a job as a surf for corporate masters.

    The idea that artists should not get paid in a way commensurate with the value they add to a company for their work because it's "fun" or "addictive" is a load of propagandistic crap.

    If you do scab work all you accomplish is your own destruction.

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