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View Diary: Conflicted Opinions about the Writer’s Strike (33 comments)

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  •  Greedy? (13+ / 0-)

    For demanding a cut of the profits that they earned? That's hardly greedy.

    The writers are the ones who's labor is exploited by the studios and networks to make huge profits. The big media owners are finding new ways to make profit from the work of the writers and are trying to keep it all for themselves. The writers are saying they deserve a cut from those new revenue streams. That's a reasonable demand.

    Anyway, if the writers don't get a bigger cut of the profits then the studios and networks keep the money.

    A lot of the writers who are striking are actually seasonal. They may only get work a few months out of the year so having a residual from DVD sales for instance might be enough to get them through the lean months.

    Here's the best analysis I've seen of the strike and where the greed is. It's a youtube clip:

    S N L Sums Up Writers Strike 2007

    I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil.>> RFK

    by Rex Manning on Thu Nov 08, 2007 at 10:09:23 AM PST

    •  hey, those greedy bastards want (8+ / 0-)

      a whole 0.6% of the price of a DVD.  How can they look at themselves in the mirror?  How can they sleep, trying to gouge more than a half a percent as royalties for the work they do?

      And then there's the internet work, where they'd like to actually GET some royalties.  Shocking, just shocking.  I mean, what makes people think that they're entitled to any remuneration for their work?  They should simply show up to work, work--when and if they can get any--and go home, shut up and sit down.

      Maybe if they're good, the producers will limo by and have the driver toss them a bag of chips.

      "I desire what is good. Therefore, everyone who does not agree with me is a traitor." King George III

      by ogre on Thu Nov 08, 2007 at 10:19:33 AM PST

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