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View Diary: Peak oil: BP, Conoco and IEA all say it's there (299 comments)

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  •  Well, looking a bit more closely at the numbers.. (0+ / 0-)

    I think you are being over-optimistic, although I appreciate the spirit.  The standard for insolation which does vary by geographic location is 1 kilowatt per meter squared.  Currently available PV is about 16% efficient.

    Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours.  That is you have an array that is sized according to its rated output in kilowatts and then you multiply that number roughly by the amount of time you get good sunlight during the day.  When you look at your electric bill you are charged according to kilowatt hrs.

    So, even though your math doesn't quite add up, the point is still well taken.

    I am about as strong an advocate of PV as you can find (since it is my occupation) but I am warry of over-selling the technology.  I think we need to deploy it where it is realistically useful, and in the spirit of your post, it turns out that it is surprisingly useful even in areas where a lot of folks don't really think it is.

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