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    I expressed the exact sentiments you've written in my comments on another diary yesterday, though less elegantly than you, Christopher Day.

    After 40 years of American adventurism, my stomach curdles a bit more each year over the mythologizing of the U.S. military on Veterans Day.  Even now, and even here, progressives find themselves calling every dead solider a hero, and though some who risked their lives to save other soldiers may appropriately be called such, most might more honestly be called cannon fodder.

    The dialog around 'good' and 'bad' wars is properly endless since it's humanity's assignment to wrestle with this question.  Unfortuntely, few of the raw, dumb kids who enlist at 18 are astute enough to ask the question, and old men continue to rely on their progeny to secure their fortunes.  When we have a national day to honor the resisters and concientious objectors, we'll know that our society has begun to leash its dogs of war in the service of peace.

    •  why don't you organize such a day? (1+ / 0-)
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      Noor B

      Honesty with ourselves and others advances change but it is tolerance that keeps us that way. Bill Wilson.

      by TKK on Mon Nov 12, 2007 at 08:05:52 AM PST

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