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View Diary: Iraq Vets Banned from Veterans Day Parade (204 comments)

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  •  these "old men" organizations will eventually (0+ / 0-)

    die out, like the Elks Lodge or other old men organizations.  Probably they know this and it freaks them out.

    A majority of the veterans now serving still think Iraq was connected to 9-11. Obviously, they haven't seen the video footage of Bush himself admitting there was no real connection. (Wonder why they haven't seen it?)

    We can write millions of words on the subject, but Bush's own words should be played back 24/7 when troops return home. They will all be veterans against the war one they know the truth.

    Maybe, we will learn something this time. 1) Don't believe everything the President says (they sometimes lie); 2) Congress should follow the damn Constitution, and never again allow a "war that isn't really a war" by giving the President "authority".  The Constitution gives Congress and Congress alone the authority to declare war.  Anything else is unconstitutional.

    Vietnam was forty years ago, and apparently too many have forgotten LBJ's lies, and a complicit Congress that believed him.

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