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  •  I tried the AM (11+ / 0-)
    But it was getting stressful if I started to sink my teeth into something.  Always the pressure of getting in the car and driving for an hour to get to work.

    At night I can take as much or as little time as I like.  Tonight I will get only about 4 hours sleep, last night it was more like 7.  At least this way I can let things flow as they will.

    As far as participating, I try to at least rec diaries, even if I can't make it to the comments.  I feel like I am helping the community maintain critical mass, just by my mere presence. is America's Blog of Record

    by WI Deadhead on Mon Nov 12, 2007 at 10:06:22 PM PST

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    •  you are right about no drop dead at night (4+ / 0-)

      When I'm doing stuff in the morning it is hard to stop sometimes when I'm on a roll but have to wake up the kids, take a shower, drive them to school and get to work. I think I have the early morning pattern because I did my under grad and graduate college after I had worked full time and started having kids, I used to do all my school work before everyone woke up, work, and went to class in the evening.

      Love = of existing and potential mutually beneficial exchange across semi-permeable boundaries. Politics and economics should amplify Love

      by Bob Guyer on Tue Nov 13, 2007 at 06:20:03 AM PST

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