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  •  this mornng I got an email from RedState (3+ / 0-)

    asking me to sign up for their weekly action emails. Trust me, I went to their site ONCE about three years ago, to see what all the fuss was about. I never signed anything, never gave anyone my email address. How did I get on their data base?

    They must be desperate. In fact I have only ever signed on to DK and Open Left in the entire blogosphere. Tres mysterious to me, who understand the way the 'tubes' work about as well as Ted Stevens.

    They must also be really spooked to see that Kos has crashed the gates of the mainstream/traditional media.  Hope it doesn't blunt his cutting edge.

    •  Caneel, this contravenes all the rules, (0+ / 0-)

      of irrelevant postings but it is the only way I could think of expressing my approval of a wonderful diary you wrote back in june on 'Hope'. I can't believe i missed it, it was uplifting and inspirational.

      I apologise to everyone for breaking the thread of this diary but I had to say that and it is an absolute rule for me not to respond in anyway my personal email is accessible. So, I'm sorry for butting in, but had to tell Caneel how much his diary moved me.

      PS: I too, lived on St. Thomas for some years from '83 to 89. Got driven out by Hurricane Hugo.

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