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  •  Let's remember Dean is why this is happening (1+ / 0-)
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    Oh sure, the Democratic Party would likely have an olive branch out there for bloggers, but does anyone seriously think the outreach would be this broad, early and sincere if Terry McAuliffe was still DNC Chair?

    Regardless of the nominee, IMHO bloggers should take this as our real coming out party. Beyond dKos, this is truly crashing the gate. Sure it's not perfect and things like placing so much stock in Technorati stats needs a work-around.

    But we're there, kids.

    NOW, there is the need to kick the discussions from YKC about the proper role of bloggers vis-a-vis the rules of journalism into high gear. Noses are going to be out of joint when the nominee's camp isn't as Come On In as much of the time like they (some) are toward favorable bloggers during the primaries.

    Bloggers who get the Golden Ticket need to treat it as such. I know you will - we're all counting on you out here. Be circumspect. Be aware of history, in front of you and behind you. Write well - and as quickly and profusely as possible. Ask the tough questions.

    BECAUSE, people, there is still the very real possibility that this will be a brokered convention.

    With the compressed front end, it is entirely possible that HillBilly won't be able to score a first round knockout. If (for example) Edwards doesn't win Iowa and bows out quickly to support Obama, the pre-Super Duper Tuesday states could easily be a real split with no clear momentum. With as much on the table as there will be, there will be no way, for example, for a Texas or a California to be swayed by early returns in the east. Feb 5th could be one big split as well.

    Which also means enough percentage could be on each side that no majority is achieved before the Convention.

    Which puts it all in the hands of the superdelegates who show up in Denver.

    If it is a brokered convention, the fate of the future will be right in front of you and you will be our best eyes and ears. Deals will be floated everywhere and anywhere, promises made and quickly broken - everything will be on the table if Democrats come to the table in Denver without a nominee.

    So strap it up, mi amici. Study and think and reflect on what you plan to do there and why, because you won't have time to think if all Hell breaks loose.

    And again, let's thank our stars Dean is DNC chair - because without him there would be no un-tethered media there to report on the Non-Smoke-Filled Room.

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