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  •  CBS commentary on 1980 pres. election (4+ / 0-)

    After Ronald Reagan's smashing victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980, Lesley Stahl gave an analysis of the election which included a statement about a return of the "solid South."  In her commentary she said nothing about race when she described the solid South as having shifted from solidly Democratic to solidly Republican.  I called CBS and got someone to actually speak to me.  I asked them why they refused to say the word "race" when describing southern voting patterns.  Everyone knows that the solid South became solidly Democratic because of Lincoln's freeing of the slaves, and everyone who is not sleep walking knows that it switched to Republican after the desegregation battles of the 60's and 70's painted the Democratic party as a bunch of hippies and anti-war zealots who pander to blacks.  The man I spoke to would not answer my question, but instead he asked me what I thought, so I told him that it was all about race. His response was that I must be right, but why did CBS refuse to mention race?  The first time I heard anyone mention race in this context was when Paul Krugman spoke at the Miami bookfair this past Sunday.  If anyone missed that great day in the history of C-Span, try to catch it if it's repeated or maybe you can watch it on C-Span's website.  The entire day seemed to be devoted to discussing ways to defeat the policies of the current "administration" in D.C.

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