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    I am moved to respond to your entry.  You have cited may factors that continue to plague the so-called African American community.  Dependence upon institutions which influence and control segments of the population with psychological tools.  While we speak of the Media without definitions which reveal the science of its influence, we place blame.

    When I was growing up in the 60's, the main influences of adolecents was Parents, School and Church.   Today, number one and two are Television/Internet and Peer Pressure.  There are studies that reveal a "brain-washing" effect by the embedding of suggestive stimuli.  Viacom has a vested interest in continued reinforcement/rewards for cultural/racial self degradation.

    This brings up the point of Self Determination.  Yes, the African American community has money, but we control no industries.  We are 90% consumers.  There is no economic/financial identity institutionally.  If African American wealth was categorized/cohesive, our monied interest would represent in the top 8 countries in the world.  (in terms of wealth)

    Because of the effects of racism (I am a Anti-Racist Activist) the ability to unite economically has been undermined.  If a collective capitalist approach to our social problems could be realized, we would have taken advantage of privatization and stepped up and into the Prison Industrial Complex and saved our youth.  I wonder why a industry that thrives economically off our youth could not be overtaken thru the privatization opportunities?  Because we have NO infrastructure economically to move on these oppotunities.

    Now as Mainstream Medias (msm) continues to be consolidated into a small group of corporate entities, we have placed ourselves dependent on a source of power that does not represent or have our best interests in mind/policy.  I surprises me, how the public still believes that BET is a "black" station.  Our ignorance of the Corporate Medias agenda astounds me.

    I am also a Spoken Word Artist.  I have been working on a project for media liberation for many years.  I came into this vision in the jungles of Belize many years ago.  I called it "High Tech Retribalization".  Well, I am proud to say that technology has finally caught up with my Vision.  

    We are launching a social media enterprise which we feel can liberate communications.  SpokenWord.Tv is soon to launch offering these capabilities.
    *online video editing suite
    *Live video chat
    *Live broadcast
    *Live Presenter/Lecturer (with white-board)

    *All advanced social networking tools

    This open-portal is designed for "communities" to be created and members to have a voice.  This user-generated content will be integrated with premium content.  Our next project is Anti-Racism.Tv....

    Self Determination and accountability are Key to any social change efforts.

    Forgiven, I appreciate your article.  This is my first entry at Daily Kos, so forgive my lack of formatting skills....

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      I appreciate your words and applaud your efforts, please keep me in the loop on your upcoming projects. You have touched on a lot of great points of how we have not used our economic power to better our situation. We continue to be content to be consumers and as consumers we are subject to the trends and whims of others.

      Self Determination and accountability are Key to any social change efforts.

      I couldn't agree more. I wish there were more who were willing to accept these principles.

      •  Self Determination (0+ / 0-)

        Thank you for responding.  I hear hopelessness in the response by Tazz.  Understanding his worldview and his neighborhood are probably one and the same.  I think the urban plight and economic woes shared by Tazz refect the pessimism that fuels hopelessness.  A deeper understanding of the why and how of our conditions are outlined in these recent books.   Confessions of a Economic Hit-Man and the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.  The efforts to subdue and maintain control of peoples of color thru "Policies" are made apparent in these books.  The fact that policies are being instituteed reflects the premeditation involved in corporate/government complixity..

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