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View Diary: NE-Sen: Draft Kleeb picking up momentum (66 comments)

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    but it also depends on who the GOP nominee is. Their best bet for the plains and western states would have been McCain. The others, particularly Giuliani, are going to have a lukewarm reception out there at best. It's really hard to say how the national ticket is going to play out here until we know who's on it. I predict a strange downticket year in some of these states.

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      As I stated below, if Hillary Clinton is the candidate, a majority of people in this state would vote for Satan if he were the GOP nominee before they'd vote for Hillary.  I fear that too many people are underestimating how incredibly unpopular she is in this neck of the woods.

      NB:  This has nothing to do with how I feel about her as a potential candidate.  It's just how I see my fellow Nebraskans.

      •  I don't think that hurts Kleeb, (0+ / 0-)

        The state won't vote for the Democratic presidential candidate, regardless of who is running.  People are not going to vote for Clinton, but they are not going to rush to the polls to vote for a Republican candidate they don't particularly like to thwart her (they get that she won't win the state).  HOWEVER, as Bush is not running, Nebraskans (who are 50%+ Republican) will be energized to vote for nearly any of the candidates. That, which was not a factor in the 2006 race, is what will hurt Kleeb.

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