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  •  I see John Cole still has a Pajamas Media icon (1+ / 0-)
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    I wonder if that's John's sense of humor, or nobody at Jammy's HQ, if it still exists, gets that a heresy has taken place in BalloonJuice Land and purged him.

    Only the Alan Colmes types were supposed to get in who were opposed to Bushbot-ia, and Balloon Juice ain't no Alan Colmes type of place.

    •  Simple oversight (1+ / 0-)
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      I would think... the heresy can't be lost on them.

    •  I also think we as liberals (0+ / 0-)

      are missing one of the key conservative principles driving their denial:

      Selfishness and Immediate Self Interest as an absolutist and key value.

      In 100 years, they will be dead anyway. Global Warming or no. So... why should they care if it doesn't effect them personally if they are going to die anyway?

      I want you to think about the rightwing, and imagine Earth is threatened by an collision with a huge slowly tumbling asteroid... in 200 years.

      And only if we start planning today could we guarantee its path could be changed or the object destroyed.

      Does anybody doubt that the hard right would be saying 'do nothing... in a hundred years they will probably have something to fix it anyway. How do we know it won't tumble away at the last minute?"

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