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    You assume that a laissez-faire economy is a free market.  It is not.  Free markets depend on supplies of undifferentiated products from a great number of competing producers and a consumer's ability to perfectly assess the value of what he would buy.  

    Instead, people with five-figure incomes have fewer than ten auto companies to choose from on this planet.  The capital costs of entering the mass auto market are so huge that new entrants are unlikely unless they pay their people slave wages.  

    The last free market probably took place the first day that a hunter-gatherer family was visited by three different humans offering to trade grain for meat.  

    Perhaps, having monetized land, we should now monetize the atmosphere, placing a price on every ppmv of carbon dioxide or every gigaton of GHG-equivalent (1 ton methane = 23 tons carbon dioxide), assess people for their share (as a carbon tax) and split the money collected 6.7 billion ways.  If a ton of carbon emission is taxed at $10 and only Canada and China agreed, Canada (18 tons per capita) would owe about US$6.5 billion, China (1 ton per capita) would owe US$10 billion.)  Each Canadian and Chinese would receive 16.5 billion / 1.4 billion people or about US$12 on New Year's Day.  A side effect would be a transfer of cash to the Third World that bypasses governments.

    Dems in 2008: An embarassment of riches. Repubs in 2008: Embarassments.

    by Yamaneko2 on Wed Nov 14, 2007 at 10:09:02 PM PST

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