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View Diary: The Grassroots Has Dianne Feinstein's Attention (243 comments)

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  •  Ain't THAT the truth??? (2+ / 0-)
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    "At the upper echelon, the California Democratic Party is an old boy's network of insider hacks"

    9 years ago, my daughter was a senior in high school, and worked an internship at the Democratic party headquarters.  (We live in Sacramento.)  What a bunch of old geezers they were!  Don't get me wrong, the worker bees seemed very hard-working and tried to get things accomplished for the traditional Democratic values.

    But the state-wide leaders?  It wasn't about values.  It was about power.  Fine, you say.  But WHY did they want power?  It sure wasn't to help the average Californian.  I agree that it is time to throw them out.  They are Rahm Emanuels.

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