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View Diary: The Grassroots Has Dianne Feinstein's Attention (243 comments)

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  •  And over 300 DFA delegates are not (4+ / 0-)

    ... insider hacks, nor do we want to be. We ran for these positions because we plan to take the party over. And we're working on it. This weekend, the executive board will see a resolution for censure of our senior senator. Somebody suggested a protest. I say bring it on. I'll join you. I talked today to the executive director of the LA democratic party who'd seen the DFA email. He said some people would be upset by it, but he thought it was fine. The chair of the rules committee says the censure is unlikely to pass because of the rules, but that he does not personally disagree with it. These are party insiders folks. And they agree with us. They are starting to hear. DiFi might not be, and the communications director can't say so, but other people are.

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